Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Now Proud Owner of Two Elite Elves

This post is a thank you to Tots100 for our fabulous prize of a midweek visit to Bluestone to see the Kingdom of Elves.  I have always hoped to visit Bluestone, it was very high up my must have holidays list so it was a real treat to head there so much sooner than I thought.  We had after all been watching the adverts for the Kingdom of Elves on television with great interest.

We stayed in the Caldey Lodge, which was very modern and spacious.  After winning we had a nose at the prize value just out of interest of course and I was surprised by how affordable Bluestone actually is!  There is also plenty to do when you arrive that is free, you can swim, play in the outside or inside playground spaces, use the bouncy castle or crazy golf and come up with some LEGO designs.  

I felt that Bluestone had really considered just how much is needed to occupy children and then kindly provided plenty of it complimentary, which made it a very attractive holiday destination for us.  It was a pleasant experience not having to pay out for little extras with such regularity.

We had Kingdom of Elves tickets included in our win, this ended up being a magical memorable experience.  

The elves involved were so enthusiastic in their performances, very engaging and realistic.  It was a rare treat for my boys having just over two hours of extensive elf training, in which they left with their own little outfit made complete with their elf training badges.  So a lovely memento of a fabulous experience, I would highly recommend this, if you do one thing in the run up to Christmas with your children it should be a visit here! 

My mum spent £20 booking both my boys onto the Story with Santa session, I think this was excellent value as they had a sweet elf toy each as a present when they left and the fun of making magical reindeer flying dust and tying a Christmas wish onto the tree.

We are all feeling very Christmassy now

Another big thumbs up about Bluestone is how friendly all the staff are, I was impressed with how polite and chatty everyone was!   Thank you Tots100 and Bluestone it was a truly wonderful holiday.

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  1. Love their Christmas jumpers! Looks like you had a blast- so glad you enjoyed it!