Saturday, 16 November 2013

Yellow Moon Christmas Crafts

We were delighted to be sent a couple of Christmas craft activities we could try from Yellow Moon.

We had two sets of Christmas decorations and two sets of porcelain pens to make them look fabulous!  It ended up being quite a MESSY craft session so I would think carefully in investing in some craft aprons or something suitable to protect your table. 

Sometimes I cheat and get them to craft outside to reduce chaos in the house, but it’s getting too cold for that now!  I just noticed Yellow Moon have a super value splash mat for £2.99, I cannot believe I have not got one of them sooner; instead I just try and make the best of my very distressed kitchen table… but from now on I am only ever going to adorn our table in splash mats!!!

I think the Ceramic Tree decorations for £4.99 are great value as after the fun of the activity you can enjoy admiring them on your Christmas tree.  

Decorations made beautiful by your own lovely children are more treasured than any you can buy from a shop.  We also had the Ceramic Baubles for the same price and again I feel it was a bargain, because it did keep my boys out of mischief for some time!  Even hubbie was getting in on the act, not wanting to miss out.

The pens are more expensive at £9.99 for each pack of five.  But they are very versatile you can use them on glass, plastic and metal too.  So useful additions to craft supplies and we still have plenty left over for when we brave a similar activity again.  All that is left to do is add their masterpieces to the oven to be heat fixed and viola we can admire their creations for years to come.

You have to give the pens a good shake before you get started!

My only other tip would be to encourage a gentle dabbing of the porcelain pens; eldest soon learnt with force his decorations could be literally flooded with colour!  But on the plus side least he was embracing his creative urges… 

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