Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Car problems

Our car its becoming an expensive hobby, it was a huge novelty having one a few years back, prior to that we walked everywhere regardless of the weather conditions – we simply had no choice. 

Life suddenly seemed much more comfortable, a chance to sit down and enjoy a journey protected from the elements!  Until of course the inevitable happened the car started having problems… then I had to consider who can fix my car? and panic about the cost implications!!!

Now car ownership does not seem such an exciting proposition.  Once little red started heading to the garage to be fixed, she must have decided she liked it there as she insists on going regularly!  Hubbie has no clue when it comes to fixing cars so we are forced to rely on the knowledge of mechanics, which is all well and good but that comes at a price!  I guess I should not grumble too much hubbie does have other skills, but I just wish fixing cars could have come as a welcome extra!  Maybe I should go back to studying and learn something to help the family and keep costs down.  Although I am not sure I fancy getting covered in oil…

Our car is making some strange noises again, so it will be another trip to the garage soon.  We have spent hundreds of pounds on little red lately; it can be stressful finding a garage your happy with and its nice to have the luxury of choice.  Luckily the search is made easier if you head online car mechanics can be found with relative ease and that way you can shop around and hopefully get a bit of a discount off the work.  Otherwise it will be back to beans on toast for us here until the work is paid for!

I think we should have kept walking and stuck to a remote control car and saved HEAPS of money for more cake and wine!

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  1. My car broke down 2 weeks ago and it was going to cost more than it was worth to fix it. So I scrapped it and now I'm back on public transport for work and walking. I'm taking a while getting used to it would prefer my car but im glad not to have to worry about repairs and insurance etc for now my car tax was conveniently due for tax at the end of this month!