Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas went off with a BOOM!

We were sent a Furby Boom as an extra last minute (but very lovely) present for my boys for Christmas from the kind folks over at Direct Line Home Insurance.

Youngest is suitably smitten with his newfound friend.  I thought it was a nice touch from them to send something so fabulous.  Thank you very much from my boys!

The next generation Furby looks very exciting!  I love his jazzy fur and the fact you can do so much more with them now.  The Furby Boom app seems more extensive than that of the plain Furby.  You can even get an egg if you look after them nicely (a virtual egg, so do not get too carried away thinking your sorted for breakfasts!) and then raise your little fledgling (a furbling no less!).

You can play a whole assortment of games together, so the Furby Boom seems much more interactive than ever before.  Thankfully the app is available on google play too so my boys will be able to investigate everything Furby Boom has to offer on daddy’s phone!  Although daddy might not actually see his phone EVER again!!! 

Without the app Furby Boom would lack his BOOM factor!  He would just be another toy lost in the toy pile, but the app helps him stand out and be noticed!  That and the dandy new fur of course!  Although youngest seems to adore him with or without the app.

I am going to ensure Furby Boom is treated well by youngest though.  When he had the original Furby he was not the most attentive of owners, the poor thing went a little crackers!  I have a feeling he will treat this one much better, he is starting to settle down and he loves his new friend.  I think this Furby will develop a happy personality thankfully, as I will make sure he is not overfed or has his tail pulled… (although if you do it for a while he does go to sleep!).

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