Friday, 20 December 2013

Dressing The Gentleman Of My Manor

Whenever I mention the new house I get a huge rush of excitement!  I cannot wait to have a little bit more space around us, but if I am honest it’s a house that deserves people fancier than us residing in it! 

We have always made do, the children have been quite fortunate though as clothes have been passed down from family or reviewed for the blog.  Hubbie and I do not regularly update our wardrobes or spend much on clothes at all.  We were so grateful for our birthdays to have a clothes shop voucher from hubbie’s mum it meant we treated ourselves to a whole new outfit (and a Christmas jumper for youngest!).

I think it would just be useful to have a few practical items ones that are versatile and stylish, if you have one more expensive item you can get away with the rest being much cheaper.  I have been looking at Barbour jackets to style hubbie.  He would look like he belonged in the new house in one of these, very dashing and ready for the outdoors.  Then he could always wear a cheap jumper underneath and whilst he is parading around people would be none the wiser that the jacket is the only luxury item on him!

Although I guess once you get an eye for the finer things in life its hard to go back to anything else.  I guess I have been quite fortunate that neither hubbie or I have had expensive taste before, we have managed to save money by only replacing clothes when they are completely worn out!!!  I am envious of friends who seem to be able to throw together an outfit without thinking about it and still looking fabulous!  With a little thought and the right shops hubbie and I might start to finally pull it off ourselves… (Although I doubt I will ever be a fashion blogger but if hubbie keeps shopping at Cockney Rebel Fashions he might!).

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