Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ferry Travel Might Just Be For Us

I have mainly travelled by plane on journeys abroad apart from one ferry trip when I was 10.  I still remember it quite fondly, we had room to stretch out and walk about, I enjoyed a full cooked breakfast and watching the waves.  Whilst on a plane you are confined to your seat, twiddling your thumbs, a little bored.  Now I have the boys its not like I can read a book to myself indulgently, I need to think about their entertainment needs - which means packing more bits to keep them occupied!  You would think that would not be a problem but given the baggage restraints adding more to your load is the last thing you need!!!  It’s hard enough getting everyone’s clothes within the luggage allocations rather than dedicating a big chunk of your luggage for activity books, colours and puzzles.

With a cinema, shops and arcades the journey will pass by quickly and easily with plenty for them to see and do.  The more I read this infographic the more tempted I am.

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries - Ferry To France VS Plane

Ferry travel seems an easier option; I might just investigate it for next year’s annual holiday.

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