Sunday, 8 December 2013

Freezing Feet

My friend who has lots of wooden flooring told me we should reconsider having it fitted in the bedrooms, I thought I knew best it was a warm spring and it seemed an easy option to keep clean and in the hot weather was cool underfoot. 

Now it’s winter (and not at the coldest point yet!) and already my feet are unimpressed with the bare floors they miss a warm cosy carpet to sink into.  But to rip out our beautiful wooden flooring would be wasteful especially as the flooring is less than seven months old (and still looking lovely) so I think the best thing to do is to invest in some rugs.

The good thing is if we buy a couple of rugs now we can take them on to our new home when we finally move.  I quite fancy indulging in a few designer rugs they look very stylish and add a splash of colour or an area of interest to a room.  The accent rugs look a little different, as they are not a uniform shape.  I am not sure if I am ready to be that modern…

I would like something with lasting appeal, not to bright or outlandish.  Although I am sure some of those bolder patterns would suit a loft apartment in a city.  For our older property something more traditional would compliment our house.

Although for the children’s bedroom something like this would be perfect. Plus might help with the echo as they stomp around playing on the laminate floors!

Bless them their feet get almost as cold as mine.  Hopefully with a few rugs we would all feel warmer and happier this winter. The money invested on rugs we might save by not putting the central heating up so high!  A few rugs will make our house look more inviting when its frosty outside, the softness on our feet gentle and welcoming.  If you have thought about investing in wooden floor just make sure you consider getting a few rugs when the weather turns.

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