Thursday, 19 December 2013

Growing older

I was talking to a friend about getting older and she mentioned botox, I am not sure if I feel I could ever face that yet, but its not to say as I get older I get more tempted (especially as the wrinkles seem to be multiplying fast!). 

Hitting 35 this year was enough of a shock and some of my friends seem younger and younger (I need to set a standard age for my friends and stop getting on so well with everyone!).  It doesn’t help that hubbie is three years younger than me either and reminds me of this with much satisfaction on a daily basis.  My hair is not so brown anymore if you look closely the white hairs are getting far too comfortable there! 

I should have done what my mum suggested and used face creams every day, her skin is remarkably good for her age.  She has used Olay for what seems like forever and that routine has paid off.  

Myself I struggle to find time to brush my hair with my two monkeys squabbling so I have let the skincare regime go out the window.  But you can see the lines now because of that.  Hubbie says its because I am too damn happy, I have laughed too much so far in my life so have crinkled eye wrinkles!  Not smoking helps in some small way, I am glad I never took up that habit or there would be no hope for me!

I do not think I could have a little help locally even if I wanted too; I would have to head off to a city for that.  You can have treatments in Liverpool, which is not too much of a hike away.  But for now I think I might just use Olay products its worked for my mum after all, although in 10 years I might be posting about my botox experiences… time will tell.

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