Friday, 13 December 2013

I am awaiting some Bloglovin love on my birthday!

I think I better stop hiding my head in the sand and avoid growing my blog bigger.  It's time to get a grasp of the likes of Bloglovin!  I have managed to grow a fairly decent following on twitter and facebook so I should embrace the times and claim my blog.  Then do whatever you do on bloglovin... at the very least it means I can get more points when I enter blog competitions!  I might actually have a better chance of winning a competition then.  My enthusiasm at entering competitions wore off so quick as I had no luck, my friend is doing so well at the moment and I am pleased for her.  I just need to keep her here as my lucky memento...

This is only a little post, its my birthday today, so I must dash to eat LOTS and LOTS of cake as is birthday law.  Quite scary how age creeps up on you really.  But I plan on living for the moment and embracing all the things I keep putting off (such as Bloglovin!).  So for now the social media world will not pass me by I will ride it like the crazy bull it is!

And no I have not started on the birthday wine already.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's My Birthday Today Too!.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hopefully the birthday wine won't stay corked for too long today!!

  3. Happy Birthday to you too!

  4. Hazel Christopher14 December 2013 at 07:42

    Happy Birthday :) Hope you had a fabulous day x

  5. Thank You xxx