Monday, 16 December 2013

IDEAL Classic Catch Phrase Review

This game arrived in suitable timing for an afternoon session with the boys grandparents.  

It’s a good mental workout trying to fathom what on earth the card is trying to say!  My mum and I remember fondly watching the show together when I was a child, so it was great introducing eldest (who is 6) to the concept.  It is aimed at children 8+ but eldest surprised us by being a very capable player, he actually guessed the card correctly a number of times with remarkable speed!  

My brain was rusty and I did struggle with a fair few of the cards.  After a while you do get more competent at seeing the hidden catchphrases so I think when we have a rematch I might do better!

I would recommend this game as you have the excitement of guessing each card but you also do the big board true to the ITV show whereby you reveal the main picture one section at a time.  It’s tricky trying to make a guess at what it could be one you only have one tiny piece revealed!

It is quite fast faced as you try and get as much cash as you can by guessing correctly with as many lights as possible still on the electronic timer.  If you think for too long your prize fund dwindles considerably!

I need to work on my “say what you see” skills as often my mum and I would over complicate it.  My dad was funny he struggles with most board games, but its hilarious watching him play as he always has an interesting take on things.  I think as family time together goes you cannot go wrong with this game from IDEAL.

Available to buy with an RRP of £24.99, you can find out more information on the website.

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