Friday, 20 December 2013

Ideal Telestrations Review

This is my new favourite board game.  

It was tricky playing it with our immediate little family, as it’s for 8+ children.  We were trying to play it with a four year old who can only read a few words and the six year old who reads well but is not the best at spelling words!  So I cannot wait to play this again over the Christmas holiday with my parents and brother too to really do it justice (maybe with some wine for good measure!).

It is just so much fun, even with our boys we had a giggle.  It’s like a sketching Chinese whispers.  You roll the dice and then write your secret word on the sketchpad, you then draw that word before you pass it to the player next to you.  

They then write what they think it is, before passing it to the next player to draw that word and so on.  It is very entertaining because somehow along the line of players the original secret word changes completely!  We had hammock, change to sausage change to worm!  Then we had Snoopy change to a rat change to a rocket with legs on another sketchpad!

You do not have long to draw your picture as the sand timer soon tells you to stop.  This means its still quite fast paced, you have to draw as best as you can in the time you have and quickly pass on the sketchpad to the next player.  Handily it comes complete with the dry-wipe marker pens, erasable sketchpads and clean up cloths, so it’s a game you can keep returning to again and again without needing extra supplies!

I think if your willing to give your children a little helping hand you can still have lots of amusement even if they are not quite 8+ yet.  You can find more about this game on the John Adam’s website and I would highly recommend it for Christmas.  With an RRP of £24.99 it offers lots of entertainment for the whole family at a decent price.  

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  1. Christopher Powell20 December 2013 at 14:16

    That looks a lot of fun and a good game to play, I don't think I'll be buying it though as I think £24.99 is a lot of money. John Adams have a lot of good products but they do advertise a lot on Sky and I think this cost is passed direct to the consumer. My daughter asked for one of their games which she had seen on the television adverts and when I checked it was £50!! Managed to buy a just as good home brand version in Maplins for £15 though.
    Not knocking them as the games and ideas are good but I do find them expensive when trying to raise a family on a budget.