Thursday, 26 December 2013

Kor Geomag Tazoo Paco Review

This was a welcome addition for Christmas with its unique design.  I gave it to eldest as a present from the blog as it came with perfect timing.  I could not say it was off Santa though, as he would have questioned why I was reviewing it afterwards!  My boys are too clued up now after over two years blogging.

Eldest thought it was “beautiful” and “really cool”, I think he was so keen as he loves building blocks and LEGO so this having magnets instead was a welcome change for him.  It was intriguing seeing all the components fit around the metal sphere.  Mid build he thought it looked like a turtle shell, he was very animated and engaged, chatting non-stop about it!  He seemed to follow the instructions okay, there were clear pictures to help you with the build.

He did get a little frustrated by it at one point as the pieces slipped off as there is some movement with the magnets.  But this did give him the opportunity to build and rebuild again and again till he mastered keeping it in place.  It is easier if you prepare the additional bits (the eyes, crest etc) on the cover prior to slotting them in to the structure.

A toy with great potential for imaginative play as you have lots of building possibilities, you could come up with your own original looking creature!  The 71 pieces well accommodating whatever your child decides upon.  For children 5+ it provides plenty of challenge and development potential.

You can find out more from the website.

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