Thursday, 5 December 2013

LeapPad Ultra Review

We were excited to be offered a LeapPadUltra to review; the earlier formats have always been popular with my boys so they were keen to see what else the latest version would offer!

It is a tablet this time with Wi-fi capabilities but it’s a chunky tablet but I should use the term kid proof rather than chunky as it feel like it could survive heavy handed play – my two are always trying to wrestle it off each other and so far its going strong!  I think some parents are too hasty to invest in expensive pieces of technology for their children, only to find the screen cracks after a couple of weeks use.  I would much prefer to buy a LeapPad Ultra until they have the sense and motor skills not to drop it at every opportunity!  This nifty piece of kit is actually drop tested I am not sure many companies would have the confidence to do that!!! 

The LeapPad Ultra is aimed at children 4-9 years old, so offer plenty of apps and games perfectly tailored to their educational needs.  Each game offers the right amount of challenge to keep developing and learning new skills.  I feel much happier to see both my boys (4 and 6) using this than dabbling with hubbie’s phone, they always seem to download something they should not and get me in a panic. 

We have had to get refunds before now after they add upgrades or extra apps they should not have!  Whereas with the LeapPad Ultra you can use a parent account password for the purchase of digital content so they cannot go spend happy on your account!  Phew.

Some of the games on there come riddled with adverts and other clickable bits that seem to take them off to other places.  Places I cannot monitor or control as easily, I want to be in charge of my child’s Internet use for as long as humanly possible!  It’s a scary world out there and as a parent I feel happier knowing that LeapPad Ultra are ensuring a kid safe experience for them! 

They only have content on there that has been handpicked by a special team to ensure its appropriate for children in this age group, so I have a huge sense of relief letting them go wild on here.  They can keep learning and searching new topics without any danger of encountering offensive material.

With a 7” screen (the LeapPad2 had a 5” screen) children can easily get immersed into the latest game they are playing and the front and back cameras provide no end of fun!  Children enjoy playing photographer; my two always take off with my blogging camera but I am hoping they will prefer using this instead now.  The LeapPad Ultra provides everything they could possibly need and is easy to use and control.  It has more memory, a built in MP3 Player and a faster processor, if you liked the LeapPad2 you will LOVE the LeapPad Ultra.

So do I think you should get one of these for Christmas? YES!  We want durable presents that will outlive the Christmas holiday period and this tablet is just that, ones that will keep them engaged and motivated to learn.  Children will always want access to some kind of screen and as much as you fight it you cannot deny them in the end, so least with a LeapPad Ultra your focusing their attentions towards a tablet that is actually educator approved, now that says it all! 
Plus the LeapPad Ultra is only £79.99 on Amazon at the moment and with 11 apps included, there is plenty to get started with on Christmas morning without any additional spending.  Youngest is enjoying the art studio and keeps making me cute pictures full of fairies and unicorns, my little lovely!  

Eldest is drawn to the pet on there and wanted to upgrade it.  As for me I am glad they have the Sugar Bugs game, its made them realise how important it is to brush your teeth and not let the bugs get too comfortable on them!  One less melt down in the morning, as we get ready for school.  Thanks LeapFrog.

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