Friday, 6 December 2013

LEGO Family Blogger Delivery Triumphs Again!

My boys do get a teeny bit over excited when they see a LEGO delivery!  Just look at the face of my youngest.

Eldest now likes rushing off to his own room so he can get on with a build project in peace.  I am so impressed as he is getting through the sets for children 8-14 on his own!  He actually grumbles when daddy wants to help.

In the latest delivery the LEGO City Coast Guard (#60015 £34.99) was a huge success because the fishing boat actually can be used in the bath!  My two were arguing over who would get first go, so it’s a great incentive to get children in the bath without complaining (unless they are complaining over who gets first go!).  The set is only £26.28 on Amazon at the moment, which is a great price as there is plenty to build here and afterwards my two really liked pretending to fish, thankfully they did not catch a shark!  Although maybe we should invest in the Coast Guard Helicopter set (#60013 RRP £24.99) and see if they are up for the challenge of hooking the great white shark!

Eldest is so proud of his LEGO handiwork he has cleared away some books and dedicated two shelves to his favourite LEGO vehicles and figures.  It is so lovely seeing him as entranced in LEGO like I was as a child; whilst all the girls played dolls I spent hours building with my brother!

We were pleased to have two new Hero Factory figures (Surge and Dragon Bolt) to add to their growing collection.  Dragon Bolt (#44009 RRP £17.99) is visually very impressive and you can even move its wings pressing a button!

LEGO is very fancy these days, we thought this time we would investigate the codes provided for the Hero Factory online game (  My boys do get rather sucked into computer gaming and enjoyed bashing the enemies especially with their extra power up’s, but thankfully they were just as happy to play with the characters on the floor or admire them on the shelf! 

I think we might have to get Stormer and Jet Rocka as Dragon Bolt is a very powerful enemy and we could not allow the evil brains to conquer.  Surge even with all his rotating lightning blades, plasma shooters and jetpack wings needs backup when faced with BIG biting jaws, flapping storm wings and tail spikes!  Even I am getting caught up in my boys imaginary battles...

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