Monday, 23 December 2013

Making everything a little more grand

The new house has a staircase that needs a helping hand, hubbie wants to bash out the wall to open it out so you can appreciate the space of the landing and not feel hemmed in when you walk up and down stairs.  I always get a little nervous when my hubbie has an idea, knowing our luck it will be a supporting wall and he would not realise!  So I do keep a firm hold on his masterplans! 

He once measured for a double buggy we were ordering and said it would definitely fit through our front door; it arrived and unsurprisingly did not.  So that expensive mistake made its way to Ebay and someone got a bargain for £35. 

I am going to give him some direction when it comes to this scheme of his.  I have noticed Clive Durose stair parts and think they would fit in well with his overall plan!  

But I am going to put my foot down and get a builder to come and check the walls.  Hubbie sulks and says I am emasculating him it’s a good thing I can keep referring him back to the case of the poorly measured double buggy!!!

With a much tighter budget taking on a bigger house I cannot afford for any more miscalculations or second-guessing!  Getting it right first time will mean he has a happy wife instead of giving me more ammunition for family grumbles.  I have a memory like an elephant when it comes to hubbie’s flaws (poor love!) yet I cannot remember what I had for tea yesterday… 

I have never been this keen to start a new year and get everything moving along.  The things I have always wanted from a house will soon be achievable and with our modifications the house will return to its original grandeur.  

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  1. I think all women have that ability to remember what their other halves have done wrong ;)