Monday, 9 December 2013

Making more of an impression

It’s a sorry state of affairs when your jeans are in as bad a shape as hubbie’s and mine.  Yes a little hole in the knee can supposedly be fashionable but mine and his have gone beyond that and soon at this rate we are going to get quite cold over winter!  I think we are both getting a big patch of dry skin on the knee as it’s always exposed to the elements… very attractive I know!

I think it’s high time I treated hubbie and myself to some new jeans.  Seeing as hubbie has a better job now he should really go around looking a little smarter (and warmer) and that includes casual clothes!  Do not get me started on hubbie’s socks, which are more hole than material!  So its time to refresh our wardrobes in their entirety and put in a little more effort - we cannot be letting the side down at the school gates.  It is amazing how well presented some parents are!  I do feel a bit of a scruff picking up our boys sometimes.

I am hoping if we feign some interest in clothes then the boys might be better shoppers than hubbie or I have ever been.  Hubbie's wardrobe is as capsule as mine, although saying that he did have a thing for designer labels before meeting me.  He had some lovely items of clothing back in our early courtship, jackets, jeans and shirts but lately he has been making do with his brother in laws cast offs.  I think he is craving a designer fix again but I have been looking to find somewhere he can indulge his craving without breaking the bank!  ETO Jeans looks like a good option, very stylish yet reasonably priced (you even get a free bag at the moment if you spend over £50 which is a bonus).

If I get hubbie in a pair of men’s designer jeans before our next date night perhaps I can remember fondly what attracted me to him in the first place! Well that is until he takes off the jeans and I see his washed out underpants!!!

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