Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Mums for plasters and sympathy

My youngest is quite accident prone, bless him he is always covered in bruises.  When he is not tumbling over he is getting into the odd playground brawl or occasional friendly wrestling match.  Actually if I think back to when I was in school I was quite accustomed to falling over too, so perhaps he has inherited it from me.  Although I never made a point of getting into a fight!  So I cannot take the blame for that.  If anything I was too much of a wallflower at school, I would not have said boo to a goose…

I think it’s a mum’s job to bring out the medical supplies and sympathy when your little ones are crying and hurt.  Usually it’s the knock to their pride that hurts more than the injury!  But bringing out some eye-catching plasters or a cooling ice pack can soon rectify any sadness, followed by an all-embracing hug!

Usually we just buy bits and bobs as needed but I think I should really have an official first aid kit in residence.  With the boys out on their scooters or bikes and no kneepads in the house it might be sensible to have some supplies at the ready!  The chemist is my usual port of call but I thought seeing as I do the lion’s share of my shopping online I should see what children first aid kit suppliers I could find there.

Having stumbled upon Greenbox Medical its good to see I can buy ready made up first aid kits, rather than make do with the depleted supplies I have squished into the back of the kitchen draw.  Now I can be a nursing mum full of love and devotion, dressings, plasters and gauze at the ready, treating the wounded and looking the part running to the rescue with my fully stocked kit to hand!

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