Tuesday, 3 December 2013

News of the Exclusive LEGO Models at Shell

We have HUGE fans of LEGO here so I am excited to tell you all about a clever way you can all extend your collections whilst topping up your car with fuel!  We were sent a lovely package to show us the plans for the promotion.

Every time you fill up with £30 or more of Shell’s performance fuel Shell V-Power Nitro + not only are you giving your car a fuel specially designed to improve its performance (by tackling the deposits inside your engine) you also have a unique opportunity to buy an exclusive LEGO car for £1.49!

These limited edition mini Ferrari models are a fabulous addition to anyone who loves building LEGO sets but not only that they are quite exciting to race!  You can pull back on the car and watch it speed off into the sunset, we have been doing some interesting stunts and LEGO driving challenges.  You can view the challenges on the website www.shell.co.uk/LEGOchallenge if you fancy taking part yourself.  There are prizes for the best entries!  Whoop indeed :)

We only managed to get as far as the white car!  So think we need to work on our stunts...

The promotion lasts until the 8th of January but if you’re quick you can keep all your cars full of fuel and sort out your Christmas stocking fillers for the kids at the same time!  Each little packet makes a lovely Christmas filler, as so many children adore LEGO.  But I bet you will not be able to resist opening the packet yourself, building the car and taking part in a challenge…

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