Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Not such grand party celebrations

Youngest turns five in February, I had hoped to go all out on his party!  With plans to hire Zoolab to bring animals for everyone to handle in the local leisure centre so they could also have a bouncy castle to jump on for good measure but sadly budgets have been cut! 

Hubbie is putting his foot down, the end game of a bigger house taking priority.  I can understand where he is coming from but it does dampen the celebrations somewhat.  So I have to put my thinking cap on and come up with something different, on a smaller scale but still fun for those invited and the birthday boy himself. 

The venue will possibly have to be our home or the new house if we complete in time, which saves having to hire somewhere and those costs.  The entertainment will also have to be free so no grand ideas for me to have that brought in especially.  Perhaps I should dress hubbie up as a clown and get him to put on a show for the children, although I think that idea would go down like a lead balloon…

The house would need to be decorated relatively cheaply to get everyone into the party spirit, I was thinking a balloon ceiling like my friend does for her children although other ideas such as cheap kids party posters could brighten the place up ready for us all to PARTY!  But I think the balloon ceiling is quite unique especially if I cram lots more on there.

One of my biggest concerns is purchasing the party bag fillers they seem to cost a fortunate these days.  I might have to be more creative and see what I can come up with, maybe some biscuits shaped like animals.  Actually perhaps youngest could have his Zoolab party after all; I will just beg everyone in the community to bring a pet with them!  Before you know it we will have a rabbit, a snake and a lizard in attendance and I will offer cake in exchange.  Job done!

Now I just have to make the hard decision as to who gets invited, having read this article I feel a little guilty if the whole class does not come.  It's heart wrenching if another child feels sad as they did not get to join the celebrations... although I do not think we are in a position to afford to feed everyone and have thirty odd party bags!!!

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