Thursday, 12 December 2013

Notcutts Christmas Lights Review

Notcutts sent me a delightful set of lights, the 100 Cool White LED Cone Lights, which are currently available to buy for £20.00 (reduced from £40.00) on their website.  

I must admit I prefer Christmas lights to be white, I do not like them to be multicoloured, I think white is more crisp and reminds me of snow.  But I think lots of colours remind me of a disco!  Having said that everyone has a different vision for Christmas and I love seeing all the takes on it when you walk around the estate and see everyone’s decorations in the window or the trees peeking through the curtains.

Generally I do not look forward to adding the lights to the tree as I wrap around and around again I get more than a little bored!  But not this time I was too keen to see what the pretty pinecones would like when they were lit up.

The end result was lovely although I do think they would be better suited for use in a window so the light is the complete focus rather than having the effect diluted by all the Christmas tree trimmings.  It seems a shame for such fabulous lights to have to share the limelight with the baubles, the home crafted decorations and the tinsel.  

The lights come with a control to pick which particular setting you want the lights on, I like them constant, but you can have them dim, flash or flicker.  Eldest was keen on the flashing but it hurts my eyes!  I must be getting old...

Having spent some time looking through the Notcutts website I am tempted by the outdoor illuminations.  They would really make Christmas; a garden complete with a penguin, polar bear, reindeer and an LED outdoor Santa would ensure your house got noticed over the festive season.

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