Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Red Candy Hedgehog Cheese Grater Review

Okay its official name is the Koziol Kasimir Cheese Grater, but it’s the hedgehog part that makes it so fabulous.  Now I have found Red Candy I do not think I want to leave, their gifts are so unique and inspired.  I struggle to buy for the grownups now I have mastered the art of buying toys for my boys, unless it is a toy car, a computer game or a bit of LEGO I am clueless.  Yes I often get chocolates or flowers for people but its nice to give them a change from that formula and something that bit different.

This Christmas I could have quite easily got all the gifts for the grownups from here and I think they would have been delighted.  I certainly am very happy with my cheese grater and I am not normally the kind of person who would get so excited over kitchen accessories.  But just imagine this little fellow as a centrepiece for a dinner party; everyone would be lining up to grate their own cheese just to try him out!

For £8.90 it is a bargain and a welcome gift for foodies or people like me!  I might actually get more involved in the kitchen from now on (well with the cheese grating part of the meal anyway!).  To motivate me to clean more I would love to have the Koziol Dustpan and Brush, how fabulous is the squirrel design incorporating the brush as its bushy tail!  

Koziol as a brand is original, eye catching and mainly very red!  So if you like those characteristics in your useful kitchen aids then head over to Red Candy at speed.  Actually as you would expect with a name like Red Candy, red is the colour of choice on the site!

Red Candy have gifts for all price ranges which pleases me no end, as I want to give quirky gifts but not if it would cost me a small fortune!  They have a whole section for stockingfillers all of which are great value at under £10, so that could be Christmas sorted on a budget!

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