Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rising Damp

No I am not referring to the entertaining TV show of old, but rather the problems I sadly have with my house!

One thing I cannot stand in a house is mould, it seems to have a mind of its own as it slowly creeps forward making more and more of your walls look unpleasant.  We usually try washing it off with a little bleach for good measure, but then a short while later its back again rearing its ugly head at you!  Then you worry it might trigger health problems especially Asthma, I just wish it would go away for good.

I had a builder friend come round and he gave me a few helpful pointers, I was making matters worse tumbling the clothes dry, not having a window open to let the condensation escape!

It is handy if you can have a friend give your some tips; I am now trying to follow some of his suggestions.  I have not moved the tumble dryer to the outhouse as he hoped I would, which was a very valid idea but I feel the cold so no way during Winter do I want to head outside the warm central heated house to collect the clothes from out there!

But I am now trying to open the windows more.  To be fair our house is overall very sound, its just a few isolated places that bother me.  I have to seal around the back door and that will resolve one problem.  This picture does not make me feel like a happy bunny, so I need to get the sealant in quick!!!

If you don't have a reliable person to give your house a once over then there is plenty of useful information online regarding condensation control, which is well worth a read if you want to get on top of the problem.  We made the mistake of getting rid of one of our vents to the outside (down to me not coping with the cold again thinking it was too drafty!) and as a result the air circulation is now poor.  So please think carefully about the changes you make to your house.

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