Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Shrek The Musical Review

We enjoyed the Shrek films lots but have never seen the musical before.  We did meet some of the characters once when we went to Lollibop a few years ago, which was very exciting but somehow we missed the performance with so many things to squeeze into one day, which I still regret.  But luckily everyone can have a chance to watch Shrek The Musical from home now, as it is available to buy on Blu-Ray and DVD.

The costumes are great and it is a very funny show, one that will appeal to adults as well as children.  It keeps the essence of the Shrek films but adds so much more, lots of new jokes.  You can really see why Shrek The Musical received Tony Award nominations and a Grammy Award; it is a stunning performance so do not let it pass you by.

If you enjoy dancing and singing ogre style you will also love it!  The stage sets are fabulous, with lots of moving parts adding to the thrills.  You have to admire Pinocchio’s growing nose!  There is plenty of smoke, realistic sound effects and lots of atmosphere and drama on stage!  You do get caught up in the performance and clapping along with the audience you can hear in the background of the screening.  The fact you are watching it from home rather than in Broadway does not affect the overall experience too much, it is still very agreeable!!!

Both of my boys think Shrek is really Shrek!  So he has completely pulled off the ogre look to perfection.  The boys enjoyed it very much, especially seeing all their favourite characters again.  It is only £10 to buy from Amazon so snap it up!

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