Sunday, 15 December 2013

The importance of Bedtime Stories

We were excited to be involved in the M&S bedtime stories campaign.  Too much emphasis for children is on screens these days so sadly there has been a steady decline in the time spent reading.  So to encourage more reading at home M&S sent us a lovely package including new pyjamas for the boys and a set of five books to share.

We all love reading here fortunately, that downtime before bed to snuggle up with a story is a lovely end to any day!  You can forget all the tantrums and tears, grumbles and sibling fights once you have snuggled up together for a nice calming story.  Books seem to settle children as they get wrapped up in the adventure.  Daddy especially puts on funny voices as he reads and makes the time even more entertaining!

Growing up I was a big reader I would spend big chunks of my day curled up in a chair absorbed in a story, so I do hope the boys will match my enthusiasm for the written word.  So many children have tablets and gaming consoles that encouraging them away from the screen can be very hard.  I am quite familiar here with the resultant tantrums when I tell them their allocated time is over… (Nuclear meltdown might be a more accurate description!).

I think finding a reading media that interests your child is a good way to coax them away from a screen (it does not always need to be a book, if they like a certain character you could buy them a magazine or get them to read signs when you walk around anywhere!).

We picked a selection of books that I knew they would enjoy.  Eldest is always keen to learn more about dinosaurs, so a book filled about facts regarding them went down a treat (although I admit both us have trouble reading dinosaur names!!!).  His top-secret book was so well received he was not only reading merrily to himself but insisted on having a pen so he could start filling in all the sections.  

I am glad eldest enjoys factual books as well as fiction, because he is increasing his knowledge on a range of topics.

I enjoy seeing how much eldest has advanced his reading skills; whenever he is in his room he usually has his nose in a book.  As he has developed his skill and become a more competent reader his interest has been sparked!  Youngest tends to listen to the stories as he is still young but he is learning all the while when we read too as he is advancing his vocabulary and learning how to pronounce words.

Thank you M&S for this opportunity to spend quality time together.

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