Thursday, 5 December 2013

The not so good old days

When you have little ones you soon realise the importance of a decent car seat!  I am still a bit scared looking back to when I was growing up when I occasionally even travelled in the boot of the car!  Yes if the rest of the car was full with other people, I would be sat in there with my brother merrily waving at the car passengers behind!  Luckily no harm came of me, but with hindsight I feel a little vulnerable knowing I was not strapped in.

Back then though anything seemed to go with regards to car travel, which does not bear thinking about really as surely it would not have been particularly safe.  I feel more responsible keeping my two secured in their car seats, they seem protected in them and I feel a little more reassured on car journeys that I am doing the best I can as a mum.  Not that I blame my parents in the slightest, times have changed…

I am glad the law has updated and car seats are a now a sought out purchase.  It must be a relief for other cars they no longer have to watch children waving frantically at them from the boot (it did make our journeys more entertaining mind!) and now I am a parent myself I am glad to see how far car seats have come along. 

Picking a suitable car seat can be a struggle though especially when the market is flooded with different brands, depending on the type of fitting, the accessories or even the styles (I have set eyes on a Batman inspired car seat before now!).  But personally I think it’s nice to stick with the established brands, such as britax car seats that aim on exceeding safety standards (what a change from my reckless unbuckled early days of travel!).

Another strong contender is the cosatto car seat; it is an established brand with a bit of flair!  I love the designs with big prints of cars or monsters.  So travelling safely does not need to be boring, with a splash of colour your child can travel in style and be secure.

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