Monday, 9 December 2013

TOMY Christmas Stocking Fillers

It’s getting close to the time I need to send hubbie into the loft to hunt out the Christmas stockings for the boys so I can do a trial run to make sure I have enough to fill them.  I usually put in a mixture of sweets and toys; my friend adds a cracker to pad it out, a Satsuma and nuts. 

I remember fondly my own stocking (well it was one of my extra long socks rather than an official red stocking!) and the anticipation on Christmas morning seeing what would be hidden inside.  It is a magical moment really so you want it to be a success.  If the stocking was a flop Christmas might not get off to such a good start!

TOMY have some fabulous fillers, which are just the right size to be stuffed inside a stocking awaiting a curious child keen to see what is waiting for them!  We were sent a small selection of what they have to offer and from what we saw I would happily add TOMY’s pocket money toys to the boys stockings from now on. 

The Gacha licensed collection includes many popular choices for children both girls and boys and are available from £1 from TOMY vending machines and the sachet toys from £1.49.  So quite a cheap way to add a little extra excitement to the stocking with their favourite characters.

My two love computer games so the little TOMY racers from Mario Kart 7 are perfect.  You can pull them back and watch the car speed off.  I am so pleased with the little bundle I think I might just have to squirrel them away for Christmas, then its one less thing to worry about for the stocking.  I want to get my hands on some of the Sonic All Stars Racers too, Christmas morning will be nice and peaceful, the boys will race I shall indulgently sleep on!  I have now been informed these are available in Tesco stores too, which is very handy to know and makes tracking them down much easier.

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