Friday, 20 December 2013

Trying to Relax

The weather here is so awful lately, hail stones the size of small cats and torrential rain, not to mention how bitterly cold it is as well.  It does take the shine off heading outdoors for socialising.  But if I stay indoors I tend to end up blogging, it’s just so addictive I swear I have withdrawal symptoms if I step away from my computer!  So I need something to do that might not bring me out in a cold sweat from being too far away from my beloved computer OR that forces me outside in the cold!

Playing computer games might be one way for me to pass my time; seeing as hubbie is hooked on CSI (and playing solitaire at the same time) and I do not get much in the way of attention!  Hello?!? Waves manically, nope no reaction... I might aswell speak to myself. 

I just sit tip tapping on my computer looking hopeful for some conversation.  I do get the odd cup of restorative tea off him so I guess I should not grumble too much, its just after two years worth of blogging I do not know what to do to entertain myself anymore.  I feel bad if I sit watching TV without being constructive writing up reviews or entering the odd blogging competition whilst I do it. 

I need to relearn the skill of relaxing, even my posture sat slumped over the computer cannot be any good for me!!!  My dad always looks horrified at me “straighten yourself up girl”… I think I would just like a change, I miss reading books or joking with hubbie.  Blogging has expanded by world in many ways, lovely events and new friends but at the same time I cannot shut off from thinking about it! 

I need my own little light entertainment.  Although I would not want to spend any money on a hobby, my mum is hooked on crafting and what she buys (that my dad doesn't know about!) is quite extensive...

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