Thursday, 12 December 2013

Y•Pogo Review

My boys were thrilled to be sent a pogo stick (Y•Pogo P1) to review.  This is a new concept for them they are used to having a scooter or a bike so it took some getting used too.

Youngest especially was very enthusiastic; he did not want his session on there to end.  We did a spot of indoor pogoing (if that is even a word!) and it was a fabulous workout for the kids whatever the weather.  Eldest was a little more cautious than his brother but was definitely interested in learning to get better at the art of pogoing!

For children 5 – 9 it is a good way to develop their balance and co-ordination.  I think it’s also a welcome change, I see so many children with a fleet of bikes, scooters, trikes but rarely do I see a pogo stick!  I think things will start changing with the Y•Pogo leading the way!  Especially as the price is quite encouraging too, £34.99 and it looks like a very exciting present for under the Christmas tree!  For one it’s quite large in the packet, for children size matters, the bigger the better!  As for the parents well I am pleased with the quality and the fact it’s fully assembled and ready to use straight away!  So you can get them exercising off the sugar rush from the sweets hidden in their Christmas stockings straight away!

I had planned to make a little video but at the moment youngest needs a little help with his balance, I am sure he will get the hang of it soon.  

He is always ready for a challenge this boy!  Just make sure you dress appropriately for pogoing (protective helmet and clothing) and wearing shoes.  We had the helmets but I need to invest in the kneepads and elbow pads etc to keep them safe.  Although the product itself has non-slip handles, this in itself is reassuring as they are less likely to slip off and cause a mischief.

It is a versatile product for both girls and boys.  So lets wear them out before bedtime and start a pogoing revolution!  If you’re not ready to join us then you can also admire the wonderful range of scooters from YVolution.  I am sure you will find something to appeal for your children this Christmas, whether to encourage development or do stunts they will have fun with an YVolution scooter.

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