Friday, 10 January 2014

Al Fresco Holidays just got even better

Al Fresco Holidays have been investing heavily in improving their sites around Europe in time for their 10th anniversary.  The £2.5M rebrand introduces three new mobile home types, provides more holiday parks to choose from and improves the overall value of a family camping holiday abroad.

I am seriously impressed that the site in Croatia, Park Umag offers private pools for small groups of families.  One of my favourite things on holiday is having a swim, but some pools are so overcrowded and busy you never really get a chance to sneak a few lengths in (you just seem to dodge one inflatable after another!).  I would be much happier in a pool used by only a small number of mobile homes.  Plus then you can build camaraderie with those staying close to you and your children make holiday friends (meaning entertaining them on holiday is a whole lot easier!).

Holidays at a Al Fresco campsite need not be expensive either, you do not have to take the children to costly attractions they can just make the most of the pool, the beach (depending on location) and the safe play area’s whilst enjoying some much needed sunshine.  There are even children’s clubs on site some with a small local charge but well worth paying for if you children fancy trying whatever activity is taking place.

Camping does not need to be stumbling around a field of sheep in Wales battling gale force winds and floods (I am basing this on what I see some poor campers go through where I live), you can head to warmer climes and enjoy a little luxury!

Al Fresco have taken the best bits of camping then added some finesse.  You can make the most of interacting with a close group of holiday makers but still have the amenities (and weather hopefully!) that make holidaying with children that much easier.  The Verdi sounds like my kind of mobile home with three bedrooms, two shower rooms and decking to sit out and enjoy a glass of wine!

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