Friday, 10 January 2014

Convincing Eldest

In the new house there is so much more space, room after room to discover and explore.  The only problem is deciding what to do with them all; on our tight budget it will be work in progress for quite a while. 

But it would be a shame to leave rooms standing completely empty otherwise we may as well stuck to living here.  More rooms mean more walls to paint!  Hubbie is not looking forward to that mammoth job. 

Eldest is not as convinced as his brother about the move.  I do not want them to see their bedrooms until they are just right.  So I am going to get them some new bedding, some artwork to admire (eldest is distressed thinking his new room will remain purple like on the viewing!) and even arrange a treasure hunt on the first day we move in so they can explore the rooms with the excitement of finding some little prizes!

I never moved as a child, I lived in the family home my whole life only vacating for study, holidays and eventually to move out when I was 20+.  So I do not realise quite how unsettling it can be for a child to adjust to new surroundings.

So I have a tick list of things to do (to bribe them into loving the new house!):

New bedding ordered (Moshi Monsters designs should do the trick the pair have gone crazy for them!).

Paint their rooms anything but purple (and pink!) - strict instructions from eldest

Add some features to the walls, I love the artwork from Saatchi Online, perhaps I could develop an early appreciation of art for the pair of them, if I stick up a few carefully chosen prints.  You can click here to see the full collection, but I am thinking youngest could have a Lion themed wall!  He has about 8 soft toy lions so for him that would be very exciting indeed!

Eldest prefers bunnies to lions so for him.

Disney Infinity figures have been ordered for the treasure hunt!  A couple each but clues will take them ALL around the house, I want to wear them out come bedtime after all.

Arrange a friend each to come and have a sleep over (less space to do it comfortably here, so that will sway things in my direction!).

After all that if they are still unconvinced about the new house, I give up!

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