Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cycle to Work Scheme

At the moment hubbie does not live far from work, it’s only a short walk away to drive would actually take longer as there is no through road!  But the new house will be a bit further and although walking is possible I do not think hubbie will move fast enough in the morning to make it in time!

We only have one car between us and with my plan to drive more I was hoping to hog the car for myself to take the children to school and their swimming lessons and boxing sessions.  So I am hoping to encourage hubbie to cycle to work instead.  Just this morning he was complaining his shirt was too tight round his tummy so with a little encouraging nudge I think he might embrace the idea of biking to work!

I think he would have to try and uncover his bike, he was given one yonks ago and it is probably rusting away at the back of the shed.  Thankfully if it’s beyond saving there are schemes to help, Global Bike has an informative page about the governments cycle to work scheme.

If you’re not in a position to afford a new bike at the moment it might be worth approaching your employer.  With the green transport plan a tax exception is in place to provide staff with bikes, staff then can hire these and buy them at the end for a fair price.  It’s a great time to look into it anyway; you do not want your New Year resolutions to come unstuck at the first hurdle!  Money should never be a deterrent for getting fit and healthy especially when there is support out there.

Just imagine how healthy a workforce of biking staff would be and with all the germs where hubbie works he could do with building up his stamina a bit.  Working in a doctor’s surgery requires a strong immune system with all the people coughing and spluttering on you!

Plus the visitors to the doctors surgery would be happier as they would be more likely to find empty car spaces, rather than them being all in use by the employee’s.  So I can see this scheme being of benefit in more ways than one.  Maybe I should hire some staff just so I can take advantage of the scheme too…

If I left hubbie to his own devices he would just stay on computer games all day!

Time for us all to get a little more exercise!

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