Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Driving in Icy Weather

It’s quite worrying when the temperature drops and the place gets frosty, last year a few people locally did themselves a mischief tumbling over and breaking bones just walking to the shops (invest in decent winter boots!).

But you need more care and attention when you are out and about in your car. There are things you can do to make your experience on the road much safer and more positive during the winter months.  With lots of helpful tips regarding winter car travel available online there is no excuse not to be prepared for the cold weather and stay cosy in the process.

I liked the suggestion to use proper driving gloves; hubbie is actually quite keen to invest in a pair of these.  His hands are often like blocks of ice driving and I know he would be more comfortable if he had some and feel like he had better control of the car.  Bless him; we actually both completely forgot it was our wedding anniversary the other day, so perhaps a post anniversary present of driving gloves might help cheer him up!

At this time of year make sure you stock up with plenty of de-icer.  It is important you can see out of your windows clearly before you head off to work or the school run in the morning.  It is not the most exciting job in the world, standing in the cold shifting the ice off the car but its well worth doing if it means you arrive at your destination safely.  Ideally allocate this job to your partner by conveniently looking busy getting the children ready when its time to do it!!!

Around now there is also more grit on the road, which can make a mess of your windscreen and impair visibility, so again before you venture off on your journeys complete some simple preparations.  Top up on windscreen cleaner and check the condition of your wiper blades.

With driving conditions not as favourable in winter, leave more time to get to your destination. You do not want to be rushing anywhere with wet roads, slippery ice and fog to contend with.  Drive slowly and be aware of other road users around you.

Just a few simple arrangements can make all the difference driving in winter.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder - I must check my screenwash, I don't want to run out.