Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hive Active Heating Taking Away The Chill

Collecting the children from school is not always easy, eldest especially tries to drag a friend out of school and beg for said friend to come home for dinner on a daily basis (if I refuse feet get stamped!).  Then I get the constant requests for snacks and the general grumbles about their day at school.  The enthusiasm to meet them wanes a little after all of that…

Then we finally head home, the last thing I want when we return indoors is the house to be cold!  A chilly uninviting house is no fun for anyone!  At this time of year when they have been out playing in the school field for a big chunk of the day they want some recuperation when they get home.  A cosy house, a healthy snack and my little gremlins soften considerably.

But if I have been out shopping or visiting friends I have not had a chance to put the heating on ready.  I was watching a catchy advert on television about different animals out playing and your heating is doing what you need it to at home whilst your out.  I looked into it and it was Hive Active Heating, thankfully you do not even have to be with a particular energy company for it to work, so everyone can benefit!!!  WHOOP indeed.

For an investment of £199 for the equipment and a professional installation you can start enjoying more control over your heating.  Using the free app you can then remotely control your heating and hot water, so if you have had a stressful day at work and plan to have a long relaxing bath you can make sure the hot water has a boost for your arrival.

I think it sounds like a fantastic device, very innovative.  One that can potentially pay for itself quite quickly, with savings of up to £150 a year you would soon see the benefit of your investment.  If your away on holiday and the weather suddenly drops you do not need to worry about burst pipes as the device has built in frost protection that automatically kicks in even when your heating is off.  

It is definitely something I would consider having for the new house, well if hubbie ever lets me own a smartphone (maybe this app will be his motivation to finally let me!!!).

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