Tuesday, 14 January 2014

ilumi Review

I was sent two ilumi meals, I had not heard of them before but was quite excited to give them a try as they involve my kind of cooking.

Open packet, place in microwave, wait for ding, add to bowl and eat!  So minimum fuss and barely any dishes to clean up afterwards, result!

I could sustain myself on ilumi meals whilst blogging during the day, as it’s a quick and easy way to enjoy a tasty meal, leaving me with more time to get on with my other chores.  Also the meals are pitched as boosting energy levels because they are free from junk and gluten.  I could definitely do with a pick me up with all this Missing Sleep malarkey.

Visually the Zaatar Chicken (£3.75) might not look the most appealing of meals, but it surprised me and was quite delicious.  It is a good way to introduce me to meals I might not have tried otherwise, as I could do with being more adventurous.  It smelt delicious cooking with the aromatic flavours.

I was surprised as the sachet left me feeling comfortably full.  I thought the little portion that came out of the packet would leave me wanting more, but it was just right.  Better that way as I think I give myself too big a portion normally!  Eyes bigger than my belly and all that (secret admission though I did grate some cheese on top!  I grate cheese on top of most things!!!).

I am saving my Spicy Harira soup (£1.75) for tomorrow to enjoy another quick and easy meal.

ilumi products are available to buy from their online shop.


  1. I might try these as I am on a gluten free diet! I struggle to find meals I can tolerate!

  2. What a good idea. I need meals like this for whilst I'm blogging also :-)

  3. I am not a great fan of ready meals but i might give these a try:)