Sunday, 19 January 2014

Justin and the Knights of Valour Review

After coming back from the boys swimming lesson (AKA the underwater wrestle, as they squabble so much during their 30 minute slot!), I thought a new film to watch would be lovely for the three of us.  I was pleased I had this title to review and a chance to sit sedately on the sofa with my boys.

The main character Justin is trying to find his own path in his life but his dad is keen for him to become a lawyer.  Justin does not want to upset his dad but he is very curious about the profession that his grandfather followed. 

Suddenly being a knight is frowned upon for a proper profession, but Justin has his heart set on it!  Luckily he has a supportive grandmother to inspire and encourage him to follow his own dreams.

His grandfather supported what his dad wanted to be and encouraged him when he took up law, but Justin’s dad conveniently seems to have forgotten that.  Justin leaves home and sets off on his own adventure.

It is a good film to tell children to follow their dreams and they might just come true!  Mine liked it so much I did not hear a peep out of them.  They were both enraptured by the characters and the story.  Justin does not seem a likely candidate for a brave knight but it does help emphasize even the most unlikely of heroes can surprise you!  His extensive training under the careful tutor-age of a monk and an older knight helping convert him into a worthy knight.

The film is available on DVD or Blu-Ray from the 3rd of February.

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