Thursday, 30 January 2014

Moshling Mall Playset Review

My boys were delighted when this arrived.  They already have the Treehouse, the Super Moshi HQ and the Theme Park (for their little figures) after Santa kindly delivered them all.

But the Moshlings had heard on the grapevine that a new thrilling place to visit had been created, there was an undercurrent of bubbling excitement and suspense.  Some of the characters wanted to relax in the spa, others wanted to dance to the disco beat and many planned to shop till they dropped!  So before we had a revolution on our hands the latest building needed to be added to the boys growing collection and quick!

Now the Moshlings are lining up to come to see the mall and all its wonders.  

My boys are in awe too; they are enjoying all the features.  It has opened up the world of Moshi Monsters play for them, as it is so interactive we have sounds, lights and a magic mirror.  As play sets go this one has crammed in plenty of extras for enhanced playability.  My boys do not always settle down to play with toys for long, but this seemed to capture their attention.

I think it has quite a lot of merriment added in, like stairs that turn into a slide and a disc you can scratch in the disco to make your own modern tunes!  It is quite big set really so children have room to play alongside each other.  The two exclusive moshlings that came with the mall had a big welcome.

The Moshling Mall playset is available to buy for £30.99 from Amazon at the moment, but the RRP is normally £49.99, even at that price I think it offers lots for any Moshi Monsters fan.


  1. Danielle Vedmore31 January 2014 at 20:46

    Aww look how happy he looks! Pure joy! x