Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My highlights of 2013

It has been an amazing year really we have had so many lovely holidays and fantastic experiences.  Looking over some of the photographs, which highlight the best parts of the year, I am grateful we had the opportunity to try new things and see new places.

I was encouraged to do this post having seen the “Moments that Mattered” campaign by Lloyds Bank, because my lovely little boys are growing so fast its wonderful hanging onto those precious memories before they are off buying their first houses and only coming home for Sunday dinners or for me to wash their socks!

My favourite moment was seeing my boys at National Trust properties as they had an opportunity to embrace the outdoors!  With a keen sense of adventure and unlimited energy the big green spaces appeal to the pair of them (and to me of course to wear them out!).

Seeing the sheer delight youngest got from his first attempt cooking on a campfire was a real treat!  For me it’s those unique new experiences that make a year, its quite easy to keep doing the same old thing and following your normal routine.  But I do enjoy a challenge so we are broadening their horizons and enriching their lives.

It really is hard to single out one particular highlight as the year as a whole has been jam packed with fun and excitement.  Eldest has handled owls, tried on medieval armour and learnt to use a broadsword.

The good thing many of our most treasured moments were relatively cheap to do, you can get an annual National Trust family membership (for two adults and two children) for £97.00.  This is very reasonable and opens a whole world of moments that matter to you!  But my boys were just as happy at the beach and that was free…

Who knows what 2014 will hold in store for us? Hopefully a few more adventures and exciting activities.  I have a few ideas and I am sure the boys and hubbie will have their own to add too.  

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