Friday, 24 January 2014

Spreadshirt Review

Sometimes you can feel quite uninspired by clothes, I am not a natural shopper and the thought of being dragged around the high street for hours turns my tummy!  Yet I was quite happy to wile away my time browsing the Spreadshirt website, the unique and quirky designs were eye catching and interesting or if your feeling ambitious you can create your own t-shirt from scratch!

The search function made it easy to find items appealing to the boys in my life.  Predictably youngest had to have a Lion on his t-shirt!  He certainly has the roar to match the theme.

For eldest I spotted an “eat, sleep, game” t-shirt which he will be very pleased about, he is a complete gamer addict at the moment.  The Animal Crossing game I ordered for myself has now been commandeered; eldest does not let me have a look in anymore (sulk!).

For hubbie I was tempted to pick out a dork t-shirt, because they are quite funny!  Although if anyone deserves the label at the moment it might be myself, as I actually waited looking at the screen intently for the buffering slogan t-shirt to update the image!  I thought my computer was being slow, but in reality it was just myself being slow…

In the end I picked out a t-rex hates push-ups for him, although he thought it was a dig on his personal fitness levels!  But I just thought it was a comical t-shirt to own.  Hubbie bless him is a little sensitive at the moment as the doctor wants him to cut back on his sugary snacks (so my timing was impeccable as always!).

I really cannot wait for our t-shirts to arrive.  But I am sure I will be back on Spreadshirt again soon, you can co-ordinate your designs and have matching hoodies, mugs, aprons… actually the range is very extensive!  I also like that you can pick from a wide selection of colours so you are getting a more unique t-shirt experience from start to finish!


  1. Danielle Vedmore24 January 2014 at 21:29

    lol love the buffering one - think it was made for me! The lion is very cute too!

  2. These sound great!