Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Teaching my youngest to read

My eldest is flying through books he is having no difficulty reading in English (Welsh I wish I could be more help but unfortunately since we long progressed from Spot the Dog books I am lost!).  Now youngest is nearing five I thought I best give him a little nudge.  We have started doing a Reading Eggs session every day, which is already starting to show some benefit.

The only thing I do not want to do is restrict his learning to screen time only!  As much as I love Reading Eggs I feel bad if they are on there too long as they want screen time to involve their much-loved computer games not just for learning (fun learning but learning all the same!).

So I have been cutting out letter stencils so he can start identifying all the letters and practise drawing them with a little help!  Once he is more accomplished we can drop using stencils and he can do more on his own.  We have so many resources at our disposal here; we tend to be quite lucky seeing as I have the blog so get sent lots of learning books to review fairly regularly.  But I have found my boys get fed up more easily probably because they are used to having such a variety of different learning methods!  I sometimes think I have more books than a well-stocked library.

I have found eldest sometimes does not read so well if the font is a little different to want he is used too, so I might involve him in the reading challenge anyway and get some Graffiti Stencils to see if he can start to read more swirling fonts.  Then he will be able to read shop signs and displays more easily, not everyone just uses Arial (as much as I stick to it to blog!).

I do focus a lot of time and attention on reading so regardless of whatever they do in life reading will help them!  Even if youngest decides to be a rock star!

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