Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trying my best to get back behind the wheel

Let’s be honest I am not a very confident driver; I actually try and avoid it at every opportunity.  I passed my driving test but then pretty much on my first venturing out minus my instructor or my mum I got a mouthful off another driver and lots of tooting of the horn!  I am quite skittish at the best of times so it did put me off a little.  It did not encourage me to embrace my newfound freedom on the road!  I am lucky hubbie can drive but when we move I will have to return to my reluctant position behind the wheel!

So I am going to have to try and turn a blind eye to all the habits that annoy me on the road and try my best for my boys.  Otherwise it will be a hike to school every morning (I guess as a plus least we would be very fit!  But with the Welsh weather it would not be very practical!). 

It’s just the road rage puts me off, I was not being a bad driver at the time maybe a second more hesitant than a more experienced driver.  I was not whizzing around everywhere I just wanted to make sure the road was safe before continuing, obviously the person behind me must have been in a hurry!  As they were not best pleased with me…

This survey of driving habits is quite interesting I can see why some drivers would feel irate by seeing some of these things.  Thankfully you would never catch me applying make up whilst I drive (actually you would be lucky to catch me wearing makeup full stop as I have the minimal effort look!) or on my mobile phone whilst I drive (I never know where it is anyway!).  So at least in that respect I know I cannot annoy anyone.  But for me the most annoying habit is not even listed that of road users being too hard on new drivers.  Give us a chance we all had to start somewhere and for some of us it has been an EXTRA long journey to actually passing!

But typically we have a red car which is considered the least trusted colour (with 14% of the vote)!!!  So I might have my work cut out persuading other drivers I deserve my place on the road again.  Maybe I should get youngest to spray paint it silver instead of just cleaning it!

What habits annoy you?

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