Friday, 3 January 2014

Trying to motivate the boys to exercise

My two are big fans of screens (television or gaming devices of some sort!).  I do try my best to encourage them to take part in various activities to keep fit and have a chance to try something different.  Eldest used to go to karate but eventually tired of that so his karate suit and yellow belt were quickly discarded as he decided he had, had enough!

Eldest gave football a try, bless him, it was more myself encouraging him so he had more in common with his mates that played it every break time at school.  But we soon realised, as much as we hoped he might get more skilled at it, it was not for him.  He might return to it when he is older, we have FIFA 14 at the ready to see if onscreen football will develop a love of real football on a muddy pitch!

Now they are trying boxing, which is more like a keep fit session with skipping and a workout than a focus on actual fighting thankfully!  I am not ready to see my two little lovelies in a boxing ring.  They enjoy this still fortunately, I think because those responsible for running the sessions are very child focused, they had a fabulous Christmas party with a visit from Santa and treated all the children to a cinema trip to see Planes and have a McDonalds on another occasion.

My mum has kindly offered to pay for the boys to have swimming lessons so I am glad we are going to give that a go again.  Eldest has ditched his armbands and makes an effort of sorts to swim.  Youngest still needs a little more help, so I might have to consider a fun Zoggs float suit from Zoggs to keep him motivated to attend classes.  

There really is a great range of swimwear for girls and boys out there, I think decent equipment ideally chosen by them does spur children to stick with a hobby!  I do not want them giving up on swimming so easily it is a life skill after all!  We have the Seal Flips (£5) which is a good way to encourage confidence in the water, as they have to blow them over.  Getting used to the water being near their face and having fun in the process.

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