Thursday, 9 January 2014

Visiting family in Southampton

We have family based in Southampton so it’s a handy place to visit.  We have been a few times to Paultons Park to visit Peppa Pig and of course the launch of Magma way back in March 2012.  

But next time we make our way there I would like to do something different.  Believe it or not I have yet to visit the New Forest, I hear it is very beautiful and I would love to see all the ponies and deer and of course admire the ancient woodland.  The boys would have the time of their lives running around the expanse of forest!

My hubbie is born and bred from Southampton but it’s surprising how little of the area he has explored and how few attractions he has visited.  When we lived there for a short year, we did little either (I was newly pregnant though and suffering from morning sickness and general lethargy, so used it as an excuse to tuck in and watch films haha!).  It is a shame really though as there is so much to do on its doorstep.  But as we keep going back I think we will try and uncover more of the area and what it has to offer.

I did not realise you could book a cruise from Southampton, so I think I might take the boys down to the port to see all the boats and the excitement of bustling harbour.  I have never been on a cruise, a ferry yes, but its not quite the same as the luxury of an epic cruise liner with all the mod cons and fancy trimmings.  One day…

Although I am having enough trouble convincing him about the cycling holiday if I suggest a cruise I think he would keel over backwards!  So I might suggest that in a few years.  Least we could stop off and see the family before staying sail on an adventure of our lifetimes.  We had enough fun on the Peppa Pig boat on a proper cruise it will be ACE (youngest is calling everything ace at the moment!).

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  1. justanormalmummy9 January 2014 at 10:55

    I can't wait to take my LG to Peppa Pig world this spring! She's juts turned two, so been waiting until she can actually enjoy some of it ;) we're only round the M3 in Southsea so lucky enough to have it on our doorstep really xx