Friday, 21 February 2014

Community Events

I have started trying to get actively involved in community projects as ultimately they help my two boys in the process and now they are both full time at school I cannot make excuses about being too busy for meetings anymore… (sigh!)

The role I am most excited about is being a member of a childcare partnership committee as we are hosting a kid’s session soon.  It will be kick starting our year of events for children in the area.  As we live quite rurally with limited facilities and entertainment it is fabulous to put something exciting on for the kids to enjoy!  In bad weather the choice of indoor activities is inadequate, on pleasant days you can keep them occupied walking, playing football, heading to the park, but when it rains you really are stuck for choice!  To save the parents wanting to pull out their hair on these occasions, we want affordable and fun events to enrich the children’s lives.

I myself quite enjoy games with prizes and have done a spot of research to make sure the event is a success.  I have been very fortune in that lots of my favourite PR companies have donated the prizes for the lines and full houses.  But I am a little bit of a novice, as I did not realise you could have multiple winners each time, so its been a bit of a scrabble to boost the prize line-up!  Just imagine if two little children shout at the same time and then a full fight erupts over the one lovely prize, it would be heart breaking!

Just feast your eyes over some of the prizes we have already.  One of the very generous full house prizes, I have a feeling this one will be popular!

Some of the line prizes!

We have one of the dads as the official caller; his wife, a fellow committee member, nominated the poor man!  But I did not fancy standing up in front of everyone shouting out numbers.  Thankfully as I was on requisition of prizes duty I could avoid that role!

What I really do need is the dauber pens if any company would like to donate some?!? Otherwise we will improvise with lots of coloured pens, either way the children are in for a real treat.

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