Monday, 10 February 2014

Cycling Safely

I love getting the boys out in the fresh air, either on foot or with their bikes or scooters.  When I had a bike I was always a little nervous to travel anywhere apart from country paths or promenades.  I did not fancy cycling into towns and on pavements and I made fairly feeble attempts at manoeuvring around cars!

Part of encouraging my children to be more confident on their bikes might mean I have to help them learn to move around traffic eventually and deal with it better than I ever managed.  But because I avoided doing the same when I had my own bike, I am a little clueless what I should be telling them. 

Thankfully Osbornes have created this helpful infographic that can give me some idea where to start, useful safety tips and checks to ensure your bike is in sound condition.  I had to replace the bike of my youngest bits had started falling off!  But with the diagram I will know the signs before it gets that bad next time.

I always make sure my boys wear their helmets but reading the infographic I think I should also invest in some bright fluorescent clothing so they get noticed when they are near the pavement edge!  When it comes to children and their erratic cycling its best to be safe and make sure they are easy to spot.

This infographic has been created by Osbornes

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