Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Finding a new fashion style

One thing I am is consistent; I always stick to my trusty hoodie, jeans and trainers getup.  I never waver, perhaps only reluctantly to don a dress if I really must for a finer occasion (such as my own wedding!).  My understanding of fashion is limited; I still dress like I did back when I was at university.  Although I have been thinking nothing ventured nothing gained and it might be worth a go at experimenting with my style.

I mean I am certainly comfortable in what I wear but it has no real flair.  I would love to be a more confident clothes shopper.  But I try and avoid it at all costs, never have I felt the same enthusiasm of my girly friends who look forward to heading to the bright lights of the city to shop till they drop! 

I do feel times are a changing; it would be nice to come up with one complete outfit that showed a little variety.  Perhaps with a focus on the country seeing as I do live in the sticks so may as well be themed they I belong here.  If we ever manage to secure the big house, I could play lady of the manor and wear a cardigan and a string of pearls… although I think hubbie would go into shock if I ditched my jeans and swamped them for a flannel skirt!  He would no doubt be convinced he had the completely wrong house…

I think I am so clueless as I grew up a tomboy, happy without makeup, climbing trees and building dens.  I missed the crucial part of growing up where I should have been beautifying my dolls and pinching my mum’s make up.  I love the range of jackets at House of Bruar, I could see my wardrobe incorporating one of them.  Maybe just maybe I could get rid of the odd hoodie as long as I was still warm and cosy and swap it for a tweed cape.  I am sure my mum would be delighted anyway!  Can any of my friends see me wearing one?!?

What do you clothes choices say about you? An article was quite interesting from psychologies magazine and I did the survey and supposedly I do not like clothes that hamper me I need freedom and practicality!  I wonder if I should stick to jeans!

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