Monday, 10 February 2014

Heart Fondue Set Review

This is great to get into the mood for Valentines combining my love of chocolate with lots of other naughty treats (marshmallows, biscuits and basically whatever you fancy coating in chocolate!).  The set is very attractive with the heart design for all the dishes.

We used to have a chocolate fountain but that was a lot of work to clean up afterwards, so this is much easier alternative.  It is a good way to encourage children to eat up their fruit, we added strawberries but you could make a healthy assortment of different ones and ditch the marshmallows and biscuits completely.  Admittedly everything is covered in chocolate, but a little bit of what you like is good for you supposedly!

The set costs £25.00, which is reasonable considering the fondue set makes an exciting centrepiece.  Dessert is more interesting when you can pick out your favourite pieces.  Next time I might add some brownie pieces for a double chocolate fix!!!

My 1st Years also cover lots for young children, with a name like that it is to be expected really!  The baby shower gifts might have come in handy when I hosted the baby shower for a friend a while back, although I do think its nice to include something for the mummy rather than just focusing on the baby to be.  The Love Boo Luxe Mummy Spa Kit looks just the thing!  

Although I have a feeling the Heart Fondue Set would go down equally well, after all chocolate is a pick me up of sorts and all those initial sleepless nights can wear you down quite quickly!  Just look how much fun we had with it!

I did my usual trick and had a quick look at the newborn baby clothes to see if I am still cured of broodiness and thankfully I did not have as much as a twinge!  As cute as the tiny clothes are I do not want to add to my own family, my two boys are perfect and I do not fancy missing anymore sleep…

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  1. I think I need a chocolate fondue set in me life! Looks they everyone enjoyed it!