Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Trendy Boys

Growing up I was not the most fashionable of children, I modelled a grandma perm from the age of 9 and it was not my most savvy of decisions.  I actually had my new hair do done over the weekend, came back to school and was promptly dumped by my then “boyfriend”.  I use the word loosely as all we ever shared was a packet of crisps, but still at the time it was emotional and dramatic, like all things are when you’re a youngster yet to have a taste of the real world!

My mum bought me very flowery skirts to wear whilst everyone else wore jeans and lots of makeup!  I am hoping my two boys will have more luck on the fashion front than I ever did.

I quite like the Converse brand especially now they have extended from just the trainers!  When my eldest was a baby he had the cutest smallest pair of converse ever.  He looked so adorable.  But now he is older (and I cannot squeeze him into them anymore!), I would like to get him the hoody and pants to be comfy (but stylish) around the house.

I really want to avoid the fashion mistakes I made but thankfully I will not have any bright ideas about perms and flowery patterns with two boys in residence.  I want my boys to fit in with their mates and clothes does play a part in that.  I know what you wear should not matter, but sadly it does.

Converse seem to cope with the demands of busy active kids too, I hate spending a little more for clothes not to last long.  I want my children to feel happy and confident in what they wear but ideally I also want to be able to pass the clothes of my eldest onto my youngest.  So it does make sense to spend a little more for that kind of quality.     

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  1. Love that jacket, Ev loves his fashion. It is far more important to them now isn't it! I was always weird (still am ) xx Lovely post - think we need perm pics though ha!