Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Orion Children’s Books

We were sent three new books to review, my eldest was excited to see some more of the early reader range as he enjoys those stories and when he is tired near bedtime it’s the right level of challenge for him to read without being too complicated.

The pictures are always engaging along with the plots.  I am impressed they are continually bringing out new books in the range to really entice young readers.  I am struggling with my youngest a little with his reading, so having a choice of different stories might give him the nudge he needs.  The Early Reader books are the type of books you would hang on to and keep for the next generation of readers, because they are so appealing books.  Much like my mum is still bringing out my old Peter and Jane books, but I actually prefer Orion’s selection.

Horrid Henry’s Sleepover (RRP £4.99) sees Horrid Henry up to his usual tricks and mischief.  I know for a fact the rascal is not welcome to stop overnight here, with all his antics leaving freezer doors open and breaking beds!  Hopefully my two having read this will know its important to be well behaved if you want to be asked back again.

Horrid Henry books are funny though, I do feel for his poor mum, but even with his cheeky ways, I still like his character.  I think because I have two boys myself who on occasion can be little monkeys I can see past some of his behaviour.  Plus I am quite partial to a spot of biscuit tin raiding myself… although a sleepover in a house with five wild dogs would see us all wanting to head home!

The Dragon’s Dentist (RRP £4.99) was entertaining; it was interesting hearing about Harry and his quest to be acknowledged as a knight.  I liked his dedication to be noticed by his family and achieve want he wanted.  It goes to show if you put your mind to it anything is possible.

They turned their nose up at a purple book ‘Opal Moonbaby Forever’ (RRP £6.99), but its looks quite interesting for older girls (8+).  A funny tale of friendship where the main character’s friend is none other than a magical alien!

You can find out more about the Orion Children’s books on their website.

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