Sunday, 23 February 2014

PaediaSure Shake Review

Mealtimes are always a bit of a challenge in the Missing Sleep household.  Hand on my heart I do not look forward to the long drawn out process as the boys try and get out of eating most of their meal!  I usually bolt my own food so I can concentrate on coaxing them to eat but it takes forever.

I have always found feeding them problematic, even when youngest was more open to different foods he would finish his meal and frisbee his plate off the table!  Although if it meant he went back to clearing his plate maybe that was a small price to pay!  Youngest (who is now 4) has instead become a master of moving food AROUND his plate or “accidentally” dropping it on the floor so he does not have to eat it…

I have noticed since starting this review that he is very attention seeking at meal time, he is particularly disruptive, loud, not sitting still, dropping food and very very slow to eat.  Hopefully watching his behaviour will make me understand why he is fussy and put in steps to overcome it.

So I was rather pleased to be sent a tub of strawberry flavour PaediaSure Shake to review, as I do worry whether he is getting enough nutrients when he is so selective over what he chooses to eat.  I want meal times to be more enjoyable for us all and not such a headache!

Initial impressions youngest was keen to get testing!

The shake also comes in vanilla and chocolate flavours so they do sound appealing and they are easy to make you just add water (but make sure it’s the right temperature for the probiotics to have maximum benefit!).

The shake is just one part of getting your child back on track eating.  Whilst you slowly get them to open up to new flavours and textures, introducing different foods over a 12-week process, the shake ensures they are getting adequate nourishment.  It is certainly one less thing to worry about so you can then focus your energies completely on the eating plan.

Thankfully youngest enjoyed the taste of the shake and I was relieved he was getting his important vitamins and minerals to thrive.  He wanted everyone to see that he emptied his cup! He also enjoyed having a shake moustache.

We still have work to do, as we are only two weeks in, but its good to feel we are taking action and doing something to take the stress out of dinnertime!  The PaediaSure Shake website has lots of useful guidance so you feel you are not doing it all alone anymore, their support and delicious shake can assist you through those fussy eating phases.

We will be persevering and I am sure we will get there eventually, I definitely feel more positive about everything anyway. 

You can buy PaediaSure Shake in 400g tubs from Boots for £9.99.

This is a Netmum's sponsored review.

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