Monday, 24 February 2014

#PigbyAndFriends Event at Aardman Studio’s

We were beyond excited to be heading into Aardman Studio’s for a special event for Natwest and their new saving focused app, Pigby’s Fair.  My boys remained remarkably patient throughout the presentation but I think the attraction of knowing once it was over they got to road test the app kept them glued to the spot on their best behaviour!

They were waiting for the word they could leave their seats and get their hands on an ipad and start roaming around the virtual world of Pigby’s Fair.  I have never seen them move so fast heading to one of the tables ready to play!  Thankfully there were plenty of ipads otherwise I think a rugby scrum might have occurred…

It was a colourful and fun app with an undercurrent of valuable saving lessons.  They seemed to have pitched it well to appeal to a broad age group. Of the bloggers there my youngest was four and then children ranged up to about 10 all of whom seemed completely focused on exploring the fair, ordering stock and playing mini games like hook a duck to unlock appealing extra’s.

The developers behind the app did lots of research to come up with the concept of the fair.  Influenced by other popular apps and real world ideas they have produced something destined to be very successful.  The artwork was impressive (I would not expect any less from the fabulous team at Aardman Studio’s), the characters likeable and the scope for continuing to develop new stalls/stock unlimited.  I think this app will maintain the interest of our children for quite some time, especially as they can be so creative with the customisation options built into the app.

When our allocated testing period was over and we were scheduled to head for a tea break I had to literally drag my boys away from Pigby’s Fair, even the lure of Pigby cakes was not enough to get them to leave by their own accord.  Eldest was too hooked on customising his virtual ice creams, each one was loaded to the max with every possible topping imaginable.  I should imagine that stall would have been extremely popular for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The app is part of a campaign to get children into a better habit saving money.  All to often children splurge what little extra cash they come across, pocket money, notes stashed in birthday cards, coins they find on the floor… all quickly get allocated for sweets and toys.  The app instead encourages children to save money by setting goals so they can then order stock and reinvest in their financial future.

After tasty cakes we had a chance to make our own Pigby model.  Here are the Missing Sleep family of Pigby's.  I think the one on the left looks all set to play American football.

I am now sorely tempted to take out firstsaver accounts for my boys, for one the free piggy bank is very cool but mainly because I want them to develop a positive relationship with money.  After all it’s easily spent but very hard to come by.

You can download the app for free for ipad and android.

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